Duets: No man is an island & My true north

This acrobatic balancing act is an excuisite extension of a reconizable childrens game: walking on sidewalks, stones, or stumps, without falling into the ‘sea’. De Volkskrant, Annette Embrechts

No man is an island
This dance duet pushes the limits of physical possibility. It explores balance as one body climbs and shifts atop another without ever touching the ground. No Man is an Island brings connection, cooperation, communication and creativity together.

Performance compilation No man is an island click here

Choreography: Erik Kaiel
Dance: Erik Kaiel and Jasper Dzuki Jelen

My true north
My true north is a male-female duet about connectedness. It is very athletic, very acrobatic, flowing from beginning to end, almost without stopping. Together, the two dancers build a rollercoaster, and invite us to ride it with them as they navigate the space, exhaustion, and their increasingly intimate relationship to each other.

Performance compilation My true north click here

Choreography: Erik Kaiel
Dance: Heleen van Gigch and
Kim Jomi Fischer

Age: 6+

Duration Duets: 50 minutes