O Snap

O Snap - photo by Anna van Kooij

Rhythm is a dancer. Freedom is a rhythm, shared. Together, we got the beat.

We long to belong. No friends, no freedom. Friends give us courage. Friends are our Icarus wings. O snap. Each of us is rocketing toward adulthood. But nobody gets a free pass. Friends catch us when we fall. O snap. Socially, school is a subway car, already in motion. Each of us has to spring aboard and try to fit in. Find friends and fight for air. Only then can we change things to suit the self we are becoming. Because a single fixed identity is seriously old school. O snap. You are what you convince the world to believe you are. O snap.

O Snap is an ode to friendship, belonging, and the simple truth that who I am is partially determined by who we are. Amicus ergo sum.

Age:  12+

Trailer click here

Choreography: Erik Kaiel
Dance: Ryan Djojokarso, Heleen van Gigch, Kim-Jomi Fischer
Dramaturgy: Moos van den Broek
Technician: Marco Chardon
Music composition: Wessel Schrik
Costume Design: Miriam Hartwig
Light Design: Maarten Otten

O Snap is a co-production of
Het Lab Utrecht, tanzhaus NRW and supported by Take-off: Junger Tanz Dusseldorf and
Grand Theatre/Jonge Harten Theaterfestival Groningen