Rising Tide

Rising Tide - Photo by Robert Benschop

Rising Tide is a dynamic dance performance about our world right now. It examines things that are rising: temperatures, sea levels, and especially the extinction of animal species. Using poetry, play, partnering, and live music, the performers weave a world where we fall in love with nature, mourn its loss, and come to realize that our activism and engagement can turn the tide for the better.  Both cautionary tale and vessel of hope, Rising Tide invites audiences aboard for an unforgettable journey of discovery for all ages.

Rising Tide is currently in development and will premiere at The Performing Arts Center at Purchase College November 23, 2019. Rising Tide is supported by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

Age: 8+

Choreography: Erik Kaiel
Performed by: Jefta Tanate, Victor Rottier, Mayke van Kruchten, Julie Mjøen
Music: Thea Ellingsen Grant