Erik Kaiel

Erik Kaiel has been making dances for many years. In subway stations, sculpture gardens, empty swimming pools, city streets, and occasionally on stage. In 2003, after a decade in New York City, he moved to the Netherlands. He performs, choreographs and teaches throughout Netherlands, Europe, and the world.

In the last few years, he taught and built public space performances with local dancers in Benin, Senegal, Utrecht & the Hague. He is the artistic director of Crosstown Den Haag, a choreographic fellow at Danslab, and a faculty member at the Artez Dance Academy in Arnhem.

In 2010 he won the Dutch national prize for choreographic talent, and the No Ballet competition in Germany. ‘Tetris’ , a piece he made for young audiences, is currently touring internationally. Current projects include a co-production with Tanzhuis NRW/Het Lab (premiere fall 2012), a new cross-border collaborative work with Dutch and Belgian youth, & a series of public space performances in Cairo, Denmark and Sweden.

“We are the opinion Erik Kaiel is the most promising choreographer in the field of Youth Dance, not only in the Netherlands, where he lives, but also one of the most interesting in Europe.” Kees Blijleven – artistiek directeur De Krakeling

Herewith I would like to stipulate the importance of Erik Kaiel and his artistic work for a young audience. I strongly believe in Erik as a choreographer for a young audience” Yvonne Birghan-van Kruyssen – Szene Bunte Wahne (Wenen)

“We have been interested in Erik’s work for a number of years now as previous performances have been of great inspiration of Scottish artists making work for and with children and young people. We do not underestimate the importance of this type of work for our sector and for the opportunities this creates for us in our artform development programme” Fiona Ferguson – Imaginate Festival Edingburgh